November 30, 2008


This was a 50th wedding anniversary cake which I did this past week. It was an orange-spice cake with orange cream cheese filling and buttercream frosting. The leaves are handmade from gumpaste, and the "50" is from royal icing.

November 12, 2008

Most of the Cakes are in the ARCHIVES at left

Please check the pictures out in the Archives. Since this is not a traditional website, but a blog, the past pictures I have posted are found in the month they were originally posted - mostly September, '08. I will soon be transitioning to my new website, When that is ready for publishing, there will be a link here for you to click on to take you to the new site.
Thanks for all your support, business and wonderful comments!

October 21, 2008


Well - here it is! I finally figured out how to make the sugar gerber daisies, and the cake turned out great. I had made the petals on the daisies so thin, that they were extremely fragile, and I broke several while assembling the cake - good thing I had extras!

October 5, 2008

Pushin' Daisies

Hi - well, you may have noticed that I didn't post any pictures of the sugar gerber daisies that I'm making (the photo above is my inspiration, though the centers will be black on mine). Sorry about the delay - I was having issues with getting the centers just right. I think I've solved that and have them almost done now (just the centers). I'm going to wait to post my in-progress pictures until tomorrow, as I have one more idea I'm going to try first.

I have been referencing two WONDERFUL books on sugar flowers by Alan Dunn. If you're interested in a good reference for making these gum-paste flowers, definetly check him out at Also, anything by Nicholas Lodge is fabulous. I was able to take a class from him a while back - he was amazing! Visit him at

If I could just sit around all day making sugar flowers, I would be in heaven! It's so very cool to see something evolve from a lump of paste to a very real looking, edible flower (not that ANYONE's going to eat them!)

October 1, 2008


Just a reminder - don't forget to check out the archive at the left for MORE wedding cakes!


I just wanted to thank all of you that have visited my page and for all your kind comments! Today I am so grateful for MANY things! There is SUNSHINE here in Seattle, for one. And I have AMAZING & SUPPORTIVE friends for another. AND - I am SOOOO happy to say that TODAY we are closing on one of our houses that we've had for sale for a year now! In this scary economy, I feel so very blessed to have that go through! Now, just one more to sell!

As for the cakes, today I'm going to be working on some hand-made sugar-paste (gum-paste) gerber daisies for a wedding cake for mid October. I'm so excited to do these - I love to sit and create something beautiful! And I get to do it in the sunshine!!!!! My mother and daughters and I all have a special love of sitting near a window with the sun coming in as we work (or play).

So, tonight I'll post some pictures of whatever progress I've made on the flowers. Keep posted!


Here's one I forgot to add earlier. It was done for my dear cousin's daughter last year. As you can see, it's similar to several others that I've done. Apparently, the style was quite popular. The balance of matte fondant and the pearlized appliques is beautiful in the evening lighting.

September 28, 2008


I'm off and running! The wedding cake pictures are all posted. Look for them below AND in the "archives" at the left. I'll be following up with other celebration cakes, cookies and cupcakes later. For now, have a look around, and if you like my work, please feel free to comment and refer your friends to take a look as well. If you're looking for a delicious and beautiful cake, and you're in the Seattle/Eastside area, please drop me a line!


Hand-cut chocolate fondant appliques in a damask pattern, on a white fondant cake.


Alternating square tiers, covered in fondant and swiss dots. Fresh lavander roses and freesia adorn the top.


Cream-colored fonant cake with ribbon and fresh roses.


Pink fondant-covered cake with gum-paste and chocolate bow and chocolate polka-dots


Another Chinese theme, but the couple wasn't actually Chinese. The "double happiness" symbol is repeated on each side of the hexagonal tiers. The cake is covered in shiny, poured chocolate ganache. The flowers were hand-made gum-paste phaleonopsis orchids.


Wow - this was a huge wedding! The bride's cake was a seven-tier fondant covered cake. The smaller cake in the next picture was one of ten table cakes that we did (which was only half the tables). The "C" & "H" monograms at the tops of the cakes were all hand-made. There was also a groom's cake with a surfer riding the frosting waves. This was a LOT of work!


This was a fun one to do! It is a fondant-covered cake, hand-painted with edible food-colors. The cake was for a Chinese couple, hence the dragon (symbolizing the male) and the phoenix (symbolizing the female). The symbol on the top tier means "double happiness". This cake was inspired by a wonderful cake from Jollybe Bakery. The original cake had a gum-paste lotus flower on the top - which was just beautiful. My bride wanted the fresh roses on the top of hers, and I was happy to accomodate.


Fondant-covered cake with royal icing swirls and fresh mini calla lilies.


Another version of this cake, done in square tiers, with pearlized fondant appliques and fresh roses.


Fondant wedding cake with pastillage bow.


I like to call this one the "Happy Cake" because of the bright, happy colors. This is a buttercream cake with fresh dahlias and roses.


This was a double wedding for two sisters. The blue cake was fondant-covered and the white cake was frosted in Swiss meringue buttercream with fresh flowers. Both cakes had
the couples' monograms done in pastillage.


Fondant-covered round tiers with pearlized appliques and fresh roses.


This is a fondant-covered cake with hand-made gum-paste flowers. The bride's colors were periwinkle and pewter, and the stand and flowers matched beautifully. The cake was 4 layers of chocolate cake, each with different flavors of chocolate ganache filling.


Fondant-covered oval tiers with edible pearl borders and fresh flowers.


This doesn't really look like it, but this cake was HUGE. Ok, maybe it just seemed huge. Anyway, it is fondant-covered, with edible pearl borders at the base of each tier. The gum-paste and fondant bow echoed the design of the bride's dress. The fondant "ribbons" were pearlized with edible pearl dust.


These are hand-made gum-paste flowers. The cake was actually made by a local bakery, as I was going to be out of town for the wedding. I made the flowers in advance, and they were arranged on the cake by the bride's mother.


This is the very first wedding cake I did. This was back in 2000. The flowers are all hand-made from gum-paste. Up until this point, I'd just done various celebration cakes for people, and I was dying to learn how to make the hand-made flowers, so I volunteered to do my sister-in-law's cake just so I'd have a reason to spend the time learning. It took me several months to teach myself (thanks also to many books and tv programs). It turned out to be quite the ephiphanal (is that even a word?) experience. The feedback I got from this first attempt was so amazing, I was absolutely astounded. It was so fun to create something unique and beautiful and that would actually last for a while. So I was hooked - I HAD to do more!

September 14, 2008


Well, it's finally up and running! I am now officially taking orders again for my cakes, etc. I haven't had to do any advertising in the past, so this will be a new experience for me. I think it will be great to be able to show my work to a wider audience.
Feel free to take just a minute and look around my blog site and if you have time, I'd love your feedback on what you see.
If you'd like to talk wedding cakes, celebration cakes or cupcakes, send your request to:

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August 17, 2008

I'm Under Construction

Thanks so much for visiting my site - I'm editing it quite a bit this week, so please be patient with me.