October 21, 2008


Well - here it is! I finally figured out how to make the sugar gerber daisies, and the cake turned out great. I had made the petals on the daisies so thin, that they were extremely fragile, and I broke several while assembling the cake - good thing I had extras!

October 5, 2008

Pushin' Daisies

Hi - well, you may have noticed that I didn't post any pictures of the sugar gerber daisies that I'm making (the photo above is my inspiration, though the centers will be black on mine). Sorry about the delay - I was having issues with getting the centers just right. I think I've solved that and have them almost done now (just the centers). I'm going to wait to post my in-progress pictures until tomorrow, as I have one more idea I'm going to try first.

I have been referencing two WONDERFUL books on sugar flowers by Alan Dunn. If you're interested in a good reference for making these gum-paste flowers, definetly check him out at www.alandunnsugarcraft.com/. Also, anything by Nicholas Lodge is fabulous. I was able to take a class from him a while back - he was amazing! Visit him at www.nicholaslodge.com/.

If I could just sit around all day making sugar flowers, I would be in heaven! It's so very cool to see something evolve from a lump of paste to a very real looking, edible flower (not that ANYONE's going to eat them!)

October 1, 2008


Just a reminder - don't forget to check out the archive at the left for MORE wedding cakes!


I just wanted to thank all of you that have visited my page and for all your kind comments! Today I am so grateful for MANY things! There is SUNSHINE here in Seattle, for one. And I have AMAZING & SUPPORTIVE friends for another. AND - I am SOOOO happy to say that TODAY we are closing on one of our houses that we've had for sale for a year now! In this scary economy, I feel so very blessed to have that go through! Now, just one more to sell!

As for the cakes, today I'm going to be working on some hand-made sugar-paste (gum-paste) gerber daisies for a wedding cake for mid October. I'm so excited to do these - I love to sit and create something beautiful! And I get to do it in the sunshine!!!!! My mother and daughters and I all have a special love of sitting near a window with the sun coming in as we work (or play).

So, tonight I'll post some pictures of whatever progress I've made on the flowers. Keep posted!


Here's one I forgot to add earlier. It was done for my dear cousin's daughter last year. As you can see, it's similar to several others that I've done. Apparently, the style was quite popular. The balance of matte fondant and the pearlized appliques is beautiful in the evening lighting.