December 15, 2010

Business Closed - for the most part :)

Well, I am extremely GRIEVED to say that I will have to put business on hold again until further notice. Due to family circumstances beyond my control, I have decided to stop "cakeing" for a while. If you have a special request for an "extreme" cake, please go ahead and run it by me - but other-wise, I'll have to just decline any new orders.

I am going to start teaching some classes - so keep posted here and I will let you know the schedule for 2011 before the end of this month. I will also be more actively using this blog to post pictures of my non-commercial baking/noshing experiences.

Thank you to all for your fabulous support and encouragement. I am still dreaming of the day when I will have the family and financial support that I am currently lacking to make this business a success.

Love you all!

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